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The obligatory first entry: “Why?” October 5, 2009

Posted by jonathanpenn in uncategorized.

Why my own blog outside of Forrester? Two reasons.

First is that Forrester’s existing team blogs don’t offer me the best forum to speak to the diverse kind of audience that I seek to engage. The topics will fairly consistently be about security and privacy issues; but the role of the audience to whom I address these posts will shift between IT security practitioners, IT vendors, and even the IT users (both corporate and consumer) who are affected by both security and privacy risks as well as by the measures designed to mitigate those risks.

Second, having my own blog both protects Forrester and liberates me at the same time. These opinions are my own (unless otherwise specified). And my own blog gives me greater license to express views that may be less developed, may be more controversial (both externally and internally to Forrester) than would otherwise appear on Forrester’s site. The opinions may even be against a narrow reading of what constitutes Forrester’s  interests. It also gives me a place to damn – and to praise – practices and companies at my leisure, without getting Forrester involved in the fallout. At the least, that’s the theory…and hope. If someone takes issue with what I or others say here, please start by taking it up with me.


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